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Pelican Cove x Lychee Swimwear

Photography by Richie Chance 

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes | CA

Swimwear by Lychee | Special thanks to CLD Style


Memorial Day weekend was one of maxin’ and relaxin’ at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.  Luckily, the ominous weather in the days leading up to the famed 3 day weekend dissipated into crystal blue skies and balmy weather.  I was mostly excited to just lounge around in my bikini and order food by the pool but it’s in my nature to explore and that’s exactly what I did.

Just a stroll away are some impressive cliffs and rocky shorelines.  If you follow my stories on Snapchat, you explored a small cave with me that was only accessible by climbing down a steep rockfall and timing your leap onto a patch of wet sand with the rolling waves…try doing that in a bikini!  I happened to catch the eye of a few spectators on the cliffs, apparently inspiring two younger boys to follow suit into the cave and ask me to take a photo with them.  I had to admire their initiative.

On the other side of the resort, far from the pools and restaurants, a precipitous pathway led to yet another beach, the shore made up of large weathered rocks.  This one was more secluded and quite a trek to get down to the bottom but well worth it.  If you want to feel like you’ve stumbled across a small European enclave, Pescadero Trail is your spot.  I couldn’t pull myself away until the sun had already set itself behind the lonely lighthouse on the cliffs and it was a race against the remaining light to reach the top.  Pastel clouds swallowed the sun like a delicate shell just as I made it back to the resort, forcing me to retire from my adventures for the day and hang my bikini up to dry for the following day’s shenanigans.

Anyways, since my favorite season is just around the bend and many more trips are to follow, I’ve been actively on the hunt for some new summer suits.  I just adore the tropical vibe of Lychee swimwear and the navy birds of paradise print couldn’t have been more appropriate for my mini vacay.  With my choice of pool, spa, beach and jacuzzi, I pretty much lived in this bikini all weekend long.  In fact, its taken me longer this past week to adjust back into the real world than some of my international travels have.  I guess that means it was a successful getaway.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m already plotting the next one and you’d better believe it involves a bikini or two!


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