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Eurotrip Flashback


Photography by Richie Chance

With summer now being a thing of the past, I couldn’t help but reminisce through photos from my September travels through Europe.  Time has flown by but my senses are still tingling with the sights and smells of Italy, Paris and Copenhagen.  It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us and it’s time to jet set again.  But first, I wanted to share a few more unpublished photos from the trip with you all.  Au Revoir!


Ah, the Paris metro.  I’m glad the picture turned out because we missed the last train home that night! Eurotrip

He was such a sport.  I wonder why he’s smiling so big.Eurotrip Eurotrip

Did a little stand-in work while I was at Versailles

Ancient wall in the Versailles gardens= prime selfie real estate.Eurotrip

On a mission to find the best pasta spot in Venice, Italy.Eurotrip

These boots were made for walking.Eurotrip Eurotrip Eurotrip

Wandered into a unique exhibit while in Venice, Italy.Eurotrip

On a gelato mission, of course.Eurotrip Eurotrip

Mission Accomplished.Eurotrip

Street art in Copenhagen.Eurotrip

Stopped by a roadside produce stand in Positano for some fresh squeezed OJ and a bundle of grapes.

EurotripAttempting to show the Venetians some David Blaine magic.


Evenings in Positano are so dreamy.Eurotrip

Beautiful Copenhagen.Eurotrip

A city that has bike lanes, great food, city wide rollerblading parties and a green light district.  Copenhagen should be renamed ‘Dopenhagen’.Eurotrip


When in Rome…go visit David, the mastermind behind Mela e Cannella gelateria.

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