Marimurtra Botanical Garden: The Best of Costa Brava

Transport yourself to another world in less than one hour from Barcelona! Marimurtra Botanical Garden sits on the edge of Costa Brava’s quaint town of Blanes, and possess some of the Mediterranean’s most iconic views. You’ve likely come across this otherworldly destination while searching for things to do in Costa Brava. However, Marimurtra is much more than a scenic backdrop.

A mini history lesson of Marimurtra Botanical Garden

This Game of Thrones-esque garden serves as an important part of scientific and cultural significance. Marimurtra was founded by German industrialist, Carl Faust, in 1924. His goal was to notably advance conservation, dissemination, and research in the field of botany. In fact, more than 4,000 plant and tree species from around the world can be found across the sprawling cliff-side gardens. Carl went on to create the Carl Faust Foundation before his death in 1952. The foundation ensures the ongoing efforts to promote Mediterranean studies of biology and botany. Today, it’s the oldest active scientific garden in Catalonia. Subsequently, it was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Murimurtra is truly a beautiful piece of Catalonian culture and history.

Epicurus stairway at the marimurtra botanical garden in costa brava

What you’ll find

The Landscapes of Marimurtra Botanical Garden

It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon leisurely strolling the pathways. Marimurtra includes three distinct gardens. You’ll find the arid expanses of America and Mexico, the musical bamboo forests of the East, and even the far reaches of Australia. The property offers nearly 10 planted acres of gardens to roam in total. Discover pergolas, ponds, a café, vineyards, and a vegetable garden. And of course, the magnificent Epicurus Stairway leading to the Linnaeus Pavilion.

Linnaeus Pavilion view point at Murimurtra Botanical Garden of Costa Brava

The Linnaeus Pavilion sits on the edge of the bluffs. Naturally, it boasts one of Costa Brava’s most iconic views of the Mediterranean. This extraordinary vantage point compels people from all over the world to flock to Marimurtra. It’s certainly no surprise that couples decide to exchange wedding vows under its romantic Greek-style architecture. Surely this whimsical corner of the garden has inspired the minds of more than just botanists, but artists alike!

map of Murimurtra Botanical Garden of Costa Brava

Events and workshops

Participating in a workshop is one of the best ways to experience the garden! Marimurtra hosts a variety of fun, educational events throughout the month. Kids are welcome for select events, too. Whether you’re interested in cooking, botany, crafts or wellness, there is something for everyone. In addition to workshops, Marimurtra also hosts annual festivals. Check their website for more info.


The Costa Brava region is one of the most beautiful places in Spain that stretches about 75 miles along the Mediterranean Sea. In just under an hour’s drive from Barcelona, you could find yourself here: the iconic and nearly century-old Botanical Garden of Blanes. With spectacular views like these and an entry ticket of only 8€, it’s definitely worth stopping by for an unforgettable experience! #costabrava #blanes_costa_brava #spaintravel #barcelona #girona #botanicalgarden #jardin #traveldiary

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Tips for a great visit

  • Schedule a visit for morning or late afternoon. This usually ensures the best weather and photo opportunities.
  • Bring water and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Guided tours are available, but not necessary.
  • Purchase your tickets in-person if you have discount codes or coupons.
  • Parking is extremely limited at the entrance, therefore it’s recommended to take the trolley from the roundabout.

Tips for families

  • Bring a stroller for younger children. Approximately 80% of the garden is accessible with a stroller.
  • Bring your own snacks & water. Additionally, the café inside the garden also has refreshments available.
  • Photo ops with exotic birds are available for purchase.

Discounts & Free Entry to Marimurtra Botanical Garden

Discounts are not usually offered because tickets are very reasonably priced. However, you can maximize your experience by joining a class. For example, Murimurtra hosts monthly yoga classes. The fee for yoga includes access to the garden for the rest of the afternoon. A yoga class generally costs €11, so it’s a great way to see the garden for only little more than what general admission costs. Win-win!

photo credit: Marimurtra Jardi Botanic

If you’re interested in visiting Marimurtra Botanical Garden, tickets are available here.

Murimurtra Botanical Garden of Costa Brava pinterest collage

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