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5 Health Related Reasons to Take the Day off and go to the Beach

“The sea washes away the ills of all mankind.” ~ Euripides (420 BC)


Next time someone gives you grief for spending the day at the beach, just let them know you’re actually working on your health.  There are plenty of proven studies out there that support this, and who am I to argue!  I, for one, always feel as relaxed leaving the beach as I do after a good massage.  It’s important to point out that much of these health benefits are acquired by actually interacting with the physical nature of the beach.  Swim in it, play on it, dig into it, get your hands dirty and your hair wet.  When you fully experience the beach is when the beach really lets you reap her benefits.  Of course, this is time and weather permitting and some beach action is better than none at all.  The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to soak it in as much as you can and enjoy every moment of it.  So, go on, take the day off, it’s good for you.




1.  Beauty Benefits:  Do you ever think about how much the beach gives us?

Cleansing:  The minerals in sea water are great for your skin.  The iodine in the water acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal, helping to remove excess gunk from your pores and prevent breakouts amongst other health benefits.

Exfoliation:  Sand, nature’s natural exfoliant.  Take a walk on the beach or dig your toes into the sand to scuff off all those dead skin cells.  It’s free, unlike that $5 exfoliation uncharge at the nail salon.

Beachy Hair:  When the blow dryer fails, the beach prevails.  The beach can be your own personal hair stylist.  Let your hair down and allow the elements of your environment to permeate through you.  Its worth noting that the more fun you have, the better it turns out. 

That J-Lo Glow:  There is such a thing as a healthy tan.  See our past article on that here.  However, do take certain precautions like using a safe, all-natural sun block, avoid prolonged exposure during peak hours and keeping your face (the most sensitive skin on your body) out of direct sunlight.

Skin Tightening:  The minerals found in the ocean act like a natural firming bath.  Swimming in the sea can actually slow down the decline of your skin’s elasticity.

Beach Body:  Who needs a gym when you have the beach?  Dare I quote Stepbrothers when I say, “Soo many activities!”.  You can run, bike, swim, surf, boogie board, play a sport or search the shores for seashells, all of which not only burn more calories than when you’re not on sand, but also includes all the other health benefits listed above.  Earn that beach body at the beach!



2.  Sea water is mother nature’s liquid vitamin.  Many people take supplements such as iodine, magnesium or potassium to promote healthy hair, nails, metabolism, hormone regulation and overall energy but why not just commit yourself to spending more time at the beach?  These minerals (and more) are found naturally in the sea water and are absorbed through your skin as you swim!




3.  A day at the beach lowers your stress levels.  Breathing in fresh ocean air has it’s obvious and not so obvious health benefits.  It’s no secret that a sea breeze and the soundtrack of the waves are effective tools in soothing the soul and relaxing the mind and body.  Most of us tend to inhale deeply at the first scent of the salty air, which contains negatively charged ions that assist in oxygen absorption in the body and making it easier to breathe.  This is also why beach yoga can be so therapeutic.

Another argument is that being exposed (in a bikini or otherwise) to the elements of mother nature is liberating and puts us more in touch with our primitive roots.  Its never too late for a skinny dip, just be sure its a designated area.  Europe is certainly onto something here..




4.  Get your daily dose of Vitamin D.  Aside from a gorgeous glow, you can absorb 100% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D through your skin in just 10 minutes in the sun.  Vitamin D effects your biological function, improves your mood, increases your energy and can even help prevent diseases and other disorders.




5.  Sleep tight!  After a day at the beach, a great night’s sleep is sure to ensue.  This is your body responding to all it has experienced as it sinks into a deep, comfortable state of total relaxation.  Simply going to the beach is an anti-depressant and a de-stressor.  Lastly, eat a healthy meal for dinner and be sure to moisturize before bed, your mind and body will awake with a new, refreshed feeling.



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