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How to: Chic Braided Bun Updo

Photography by Jen Biswas

Braids are one of the easiest ways to create a chic updo in just minutes.  A style such as this one may seem like something you could only achieve after a trip to the salon, but I teamed up with to show you how to create this beautiful hair style for any occasion.  The great news is, perfection is not required for this look, sometimes the messier, the better.  Just follow these six simple steps and let the compliments roll in.

Step 1:  Spray hair with dry shampoo and comb through evenly.  This will give hair more texture and make the braiding process easier.

Step 2:  Separate hair into two sections with one side being a deeper part than the other.

Step 3:  Grab the sections of the hair closest to the front of the hair and begin a fish braid. To do so, simply divide the hair into 2 equal sections. Begin the braid by gathering a small section of hair on the outer side of the parted side and join it directly across the part into the opposite portion or hair.  Fishtail each side and secure the ends with clear rubber bands.  

  Step 4:  Use your fingers to gently pull the braids apart just enough to make a loose braid.  This will give the updo a fuller appearance.

Step 5:  Twist the first braid into a bun-like shape and secure it to your head with bobby pins.  Take the second braid and wrap around the first braid and secure with more bobby pins.  Be sure to hide the ends of the braids by tucking them in.  Feel free to use the comb’s pick to exaggerate the pulled braid look or leave it as is for a more uniform look.

Step 6:  Mist hair with a light hair spray to keep it in place and voila!  You’ve created a masterpiece!

Special thanks to Katie Maloney and Jen Biswas of

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