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Beach Day in Akumal

Photography by Richie Chance

Location: Akumal, Mexico

Bikini by Siempre Golden

Special Thanks to CLD

After much anticipation, it was refreshing to step off the plane in Cancun with a burst of humid air sweeping over my airport chilled bones.  Over the course of the past year, I’d heard a lot about this budding new town called Tulum.  Located in the Yucatan peninsula, it had a similar vibe to much of the Mexico I know closer to home in California, only this seemed to have a bit more mysticism in the air.  The history of the Mayan empire fascinated me and I couldn’t wait to explore the ruins as well as the cenotes.  If you’ve never heard of a cenote, I highly recommend you google it.

Amongst other activities, I was eager to find the best tacos in town (which I did) and visit the beautiful beaches of Tulum and Akumal.  Unfortunately, the saying is true, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plan”.  It down poured 4 out of the 5 days throughout my trip.  I wasn’t able to visit the ruins or the cenotes as planned.  Instead, I used the only semi-sunny afternoon to race over to the beach.  After all, it wouldn’t have truly felt like a trip to Mexico without at least a couple hours in my bikini, and a very cute one I might add.

After lunch at La Buena Vida, I stripped down to this incredibly feminine yet sexy floral print bikini by Siempre Golden and enjoyed the hell out of my solo sunny day.  Hey, I’ll take what I can get.  I was just grateful for a luminous afternoon, but you’d better believe I’ll be back for more.

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