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Pink by Victoria’s Secret

Photography by Dreamstate Photos

Bra & panty set by Victoria’s Secret

Special thanks to Privé Luxury Rentals

Lingerie is one of the most intimate forms of self expression and can undoubtedly tell you a lot about that person.  Every woman has her own definition of beauty but I think it’s important to state that confidence should come first and foremost.  It should enhance the way we feel about our bodies, boosting our self esteem and ultimately, our love lives.

So, when shopping for the perfect bra and panty set, look for something that takes you outside of your typical comfort zone.  Try different cuts, prints and fabrics to find what suits your personality and body type best.  Although worn mostly under clothes, I find that I carry myself with more poise and take better care of my body when I feel good about my undergarments.  It’s OK to feel feminine…or frisky!  Lingerie allows us to explore a side of ourselves that tend to get neglected in our day to day lives so go on and empower your inner goddess!




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