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The Beauty Guide to Staying Healthy & Hydrated During the Holiday Season

Staying hydrated is crucial to your health, appearance and overall well being, so DeziStyle is here to help you target some key areas.  These products are personal favorites but feel free to take the concept and find a brand that suits your preferences.  I tend to opt for natural products as often as I can and there are a lot of great ones out there if you’re willing to do a little research.

With proper hydration your skin will glow, your hair & nails will grow stronger, and you are less susceptible to disease and other ailments.  Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function properly so why not give it what it needs to preform at full steam.  Here are a few ways to feel revitalized and pamper yourself from the inside out.  Take note that some of these products are best used during drier months and may be switched out when the weather warms up and humidity levels rise again.


1.  Keep your hair happy and healthy!

The winter can be harsh on your hair, even in sunny California, so it’s important to take extra care during the cooler months when the weather is dry.  Brittle hair isn’t a good look on anyone so do yourself a favor and be sure to give your luscious locks a little more TLC this holiday season.  Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask has traveled the world in my toiletries bag to give my hair some serious hydration when I’m on the go.  I love the smell and it makes my hair so smooth and silky, even after one treatment.



2.   Keep your kisser kissable!

There’s nothing worse than ending up with dry, cracked lips under the mistletoe so why not put an end to painful dry lips with an inexpensive, mega-intense lip repair by Aquaphor.  It has vitamin C & E, shea butter and a soothing chamomile essence.  I use it in my routine every morning and before bed each night.


3.  Supplement your daily intake

We all indulge during the holidays, at least just a little.  Our sugar and alcohol levels are generally spiked as much as the holiday party’s punch bowl and sleep schedules are far from what they were just before months before.  We tend to deplete ourselves of  the proper nutrients in favor of flaky pies and  holiday themed cocktails but I always treat myself to a boost of nutrition every morning with a medley of vitamins including biotin (for hair & nails), vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, omega 3 fish oil, calcium, collagen, lecithin & B-complex.  They vary depending on symptoms or necessity but the aforementioned are my staples.  However, let’s say you’d prefer to take one, all encompassing vitamin instead.  MegaFood is a terrific brand that is certified farm fresh and vegan, amongst it’s many accolades.  They offer a women’s multi-vitamin that can be taken even on an empty stomach.  Perfect for combating those caffein filled mornings that I know we are all guilty of.



4.  Keep your cuticles hydrated

Keep your mani fresh and revitalize your cuticles with Julep Essential Cuticle Oil.  This travel sized roll-on oil contains 7 essential oils for strengthening nails and cuticles and smells therapeutic.  *Pro tip: Use a small amount of the oil to tame fly aways




5.  Don’t forget to moisturize

I truly am obsessed with this Intensive Care lotion by Eucerin.  It’s the and I tell no lies.  Just think of the difference it would make on his hands too.   😉



6.   Seal your locks

My hair dresser started using this on my hair years ago and I never looked back.  I use this at home, at the salon, and on my travels.  Literally wherever my hair goes, so does Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. 

Paul Mitchell

7.  Plump up your face 

Moisturizing your skin fills in lines and reduces the appearance of imperfections.  By applying a quality moisturizer each day, your skin will radiate health, youth, and be less prone to acne.  I’ve been using this one for years now.  In fact, I own quite the arsenal of Raya products because they are made with excellent ingredients and work very well.  I use this Vitamin B cream during the winter and switch to the Vitaplex-C revitalizing cream to replenish vitamins C, A, D, and B as well as help combat UV radiation.  It’s non-greasy but deeply soothing to the skin and made of key natural ingredients.  Check out their whole line of products at

Raya8.  Teatox: Delicious & Nutritious!

I have yet to meet a tea I do not like and luckily my tenacious addiction is a healthy one.  I choose my tea based on time of day, flavor and medicinal benefits.  I strongly urge you to research your top health concerns (ex: weight loss, immunity, digestion, cramps, energy) and pick a tea recommended to aid in each scenario.  Drinking tea throughout the day keeps you hydrated but it’s hard to take with you when you’re busy.  My most used item I own could quite possibly be my sealable Thermus brand tumbler.  It keeps the liquid inside either cold or hot for up to 8 hours.  (Why not add this item to your XMAS list!  Any avid coffee or tea drinker would definitely appreciate one of these).


9.  Make ’em hard

My sexual innuendos may be weak but my nails won’t be!  OPI Nail Envy is going to cost you a little more than your average polish but you can count on having strong, lustrous nails with the use of this strengthening formula.


10.  Feelin’ Fresh 

Use an all natural toner like this floral rose water by Fresh.  It’s 100% pure rose water and helps to sooth & tone your face.  This concoction gets extra points for being sulfate free with no synthetic dyes or fragrances.  A nice, refreshing mist or two is all you need after cleansing the skin.



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