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The Best Ways to Experience Belize in your Bikini

Ambergris Caye, Belize

As sad as I am to be back in the chilly winter of L.A. (no really, it’s actually been cold for us Angelenos), I had one hell of a time in Belize on my holiday.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the little 25 mile stretch of island called Ambergris Caye but my instincts led me to believe that bikinis would be an integral part of it all.  Boy, was I right.   DeziStyle   For such a “fun-size” island there is certainly much to do, or not do at all!  Regardless of where you end up staying, a swimsuit is naturally considered appropriate attire since anywhere you are on the island is near a beach.  This makes picking out your daily wardrobe simple and easy.  But what is one to do in said bikini?  

DeziStyle Belize Bikini Lychee Swimwear  

Fortunately, Belize not only has the second largest coral reef system in the world, but it has become the dive and water sports capital of Central America.  The array of exotic marine life and mild temperatures year round make this an incredible destination for those who, like me, are eternally chasing summer.   DeziStyle   Personally, I love to be active wherever I am.  The more adventure, the better.  The same could be said about activities that require a bikini.  With warm, inviting waters it’s no wonder people come from all over to partake in the action.  Although tempting to soak up the sun in a beach chair all day, there are much more exciting things to do. Here are some of my favorites.   DeziStyle   Paddleboarding By far the best workout and the most fun!  Belize is known for having some robust winds so if you’re not a strong paddler, it can be a strenuous activity.  But not to be deterred, the waters are much shallower that it appears and more than likely, the tide will take you to right to shore should you tire.   DeziStyle   Beachy Activities A game of beach volleyball or football can always stir up some competitive fun but my personal favorite is paddle ball.  Nothing works up a sweat more deserving of a dip in the sea than a mean round of beach tennis.  (*During summer months paddle ball sets can be found at select Dollar Stores and are easy to pack in your suitcase or leave behind as a parting gift for the next guest)   DeziStyle DeziStyle   Boating There are multiple companies in the main part of San Pedro where you can inquire about renting a boat, or in our case, a catamaran.  An excursion like this one comes highly recommended.  Spend the day sunning, snorkeling and sipping rum punches.

DeziStyle Belize Shark Ray Alley SnorkleDeziStyle   Snorkeling Whether you rent a boat or just some snorkel gear, you’ve got to give it a go while you’re in Belize.  The waters are generally clear with incredible visibility.  Everywhere you look there’s something beautiful to see.  Hol Chan Marine Reserve is filled with an array of colorful fish, turtles and coral and Shark Ray Alley lets you swim with the sharks and stingrays up close. DeziStyle DeziStyle   Island Hop Caye Caulker is the little sister island to Ambergris Caye.  Stop off here for a seafood feast and some fresh coconut water, straight from the source.  The island is small enough to walk and has a handful of small shops, restaurants and beachside bars.     DeziStyleDeziStyle   Photo Ops Galore If you enjoy documenting your travels as much as I do, then I know you will appreciate the many picturesque photo opportunities there are here.  Each turn is somehow more stunning than the next, so don’t forget to stop and take it all in.   DeziStyle DeziStyle   Maxin’ & Relaxin’ Ok, ok, so sometimes down time is nice, especially after a long, hard day of activities in the ocean.  If you’re staying on Ambergris Caye, chances are you’re shacking up on waterfront property.  After all, the island is only about 5 miles across at it’s widest point.  After this trip, I’m pretty convinced that the waterfront pool/jacuzzi combo might just be the greatest thing that’s ever existed.  I’d also like to recommend a tropical beverage in hand once you go for that soak, they seem to go together swimmingly…no pun intended.   DeziStyle Belize Ipanema Swimwear Paddle board

  Eye Spy You’d be amazed at what you can find right under your nose.  Hunt for hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, conch and starfish, just be sure to catch and release.   DeziStyle

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