Issa de’ mar Swimwear

Photography by Richie Chance

Special Thanks to CLD Style

Mint is one of my favorite colors for Spring.  It’s refreshing and cool tone is a wonderful way to break away from the dull, monotonous colors of winter.  But it’s not just this fabulous shade that has me gaga for this swimsuit.  It’s level of comfort far exceeds the semi-suggestive look of it and as many of you already know, I’m a sucker for versatility.  When en route to the beach, I just so happened to wear a grey v-neck maxi dress over the bikini, creating a fun, contrasting mesh of criss cross design to my ensemble, whilst offering a bit of support for the ‘girls’ as well.  All around perfect for summer vacations, afternoons by the pool, trips to the beach and catching the eye of that really cute guy sitting a few beach chairs away.


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