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9 Unique Halloween Events Happening in L.A. This Weekend

If crowded clubs and obnoxious waiting lines have made you fear Halloween weekend in Los Angeles, I feel you.  After more than a decade in LA, I’m relieved to know that there are plenty of options out there to spice up the holiday in a whole new way.  Here are some fun ways to get in the spirit and enjoy All Hallows Eve.



1.  Cemetery Tour –  The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, better known for its weekend screenings, will be hosting a 2 hour walking tour with legendary tombstone stops along the way including Cecil B. Demille, Rudolph Valentino, Vampira, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, Mickey Rooney and more.


What was the witch’s favorite subject in school?   Spelling. 



  1.  Oktoberfest – There are quite a few Oktoberfest celebrations happening throughout the month so find the closest one to you and grab yourself a bratwurst and a cold beer!  Just beware, you might also happen to stumble across dachshund races, dancing and live music.


What kind of streets do zombies like the best?   Dead ends.


3.  The Dark Harbor Unlike Halloween Horror Nights, the Queen Mary lets you dress up in costume on Halloween.  Enjoy shows, rides, mazes, live music and much more.  If you happen to miss out on the fun during Halloween, they also host a Dia de los Muertos event on November 1st that even offers up a cash prize for the best costume of the night!  *Tip: Buy your ticket online (and at least 24 hours in advance) for a discount.


How does a ghost say goodbye to a vampire?   So long, sucker!


4.  Sinister Pointe Trust Challenge This is not your typical maze of people being shuffled through a crowded haunted house.  This scenario is a little different.  You will enter a pitch black chamber by yourself as your partner watches from a control room via infrared cameras.  Once inside, your partner will instruct you on how to collect certain items and survival coins in order to successfully complete your mission.  Once achieved, it’s their turn to brave the dark in a totally different chamber with a whole new set of creepy characters.  *Tip: This works ideally for 2 people but they can accommodate groups of 4 as well.


How do monsters tell their future?   They read their horrorscope.


5.  The REAL Haunted Houses – If the internet says it’s true, it must be, right?  For those that dare, create your own customized tour around town and visit some of LA’s most notable haunted digs.


Why did the ghost go into the bar?   For the Boos.


6.  Halloween Harvest Festival – If you’re up for a haunted corn maze, this particular location stays open late (12am on weekends) for a different kind of experience.  Also offered up here: hayrides, gemstone mining, rock climbing, crafting and other spooktacular events.


Where do mummies go for a swim?   The dead sea.


7.  Escape Room L.A. Grab a group of friends (up to 11 total) and use your smarts to escape one of four themed rooms using clues and solving puzzles.  You will have up to 1 hour to complete the task or be haunted for eternity!


What is a vampire’s favorite ice cream flavor?   Veinilla.


8.   Museum of Death This is the real deal.  Located in the heart of Hollywood, the MOD is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit.  Spend as much time as you’d like during this self guided tour to see crime scenes photos from notorious murders, view a collection of body bags, coffins and full size replicas of execution devices, or watch endless hours of autopsies, deaths and the actual recruitment video for the Heaven’s Gate Cult.


What do you call two spiders that just got married?   Newlywebbed.


9.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Grand Performances is screening Who Framed Roger Rabbit (AKA one of my all time fave movies) on this Thursday at the Marina Pavilion in DTLA for free!  Seats are first come, first serve though so come early and bring a blanket to snuggle up on.



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