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Travel Hacks: Beating Jet Lag

 “To travel is to awaken”  Lily Tsay

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a beautiful destination after a long flight and having to wrestle with a bad case of jet lag.  You can easily miss out on the first day of your adventure or business trip by suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and more.  With the help of some travel hacks, it should alleviate the severity of your time traveling woes and help get you back on track.


* Determine the time you’ll arrive and plan your in-flight sleep schedule around the local time of your destination.  If you have difficulty falling asleep, melatonin is recommended as a more natural sleep aid.

* Don’t nap.  Napping at off times when you first arrive can prolong jet lag.  Try your best to stay awake until bed time in order to adjust quicker.

* Use the help of Lavender oil to calm your senses and relax.  If you’re using a face mask, put a drop or two on it, or a couple on your pillow.  The aroma will promote some much needed tranquility

*  Wake up in the morning at your normal hour even if you’re still a little tired.  I prefer to get out and explore the area.  The fresh air and sunshine always fill me with renewed energy and help reset my internal clock.

* Avoid coffee the day of travel if you plan on sleeping during the flight.  This is pretty self explanatory.

* Stay hydrated and limit your alcohol consumption.  Being dehydrated leads to headaches, disrupted sleep and dry skin.

* Download a soothing playlist to play while resting on the plane or as you prepare for bed.  I have a propensity to let it play continuously through the night to put me to sleep but avoid it if you are a light sleeper.

* Take stretch breaks.  Stretching keeps you limber and provides a good supply of blood to your extremities.  Without it your muscles become stiff and feel more bent out of shape, literally.

Refresh your eyes with cucumber slices.  Long flights make my eyes feel tired and dry but sometimes with some cucumber slices and a little R&R, it brings them back to life.  P.S. Sometimes you can shmooze room service into including a couple with your order.

* Soak.  Treat yourself to a long hot shower or soak in the tub to help you unwind and rejuvenate.  Long flights dry you out so don’t forget to moisturize your skin after a shower when your pores are open!

Happy travels! 

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