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Los Olivos: Suburban Girl

Photography by Richie Chance

Lace Top by Charlette Russe// Overall Dress by Banana Republic// White top by Piko 1988// Denim Bellbottoms by BDG// Sandals by Unisa// White Crossbody Purse by Forever 21//Pink Skirt by Bebe// White Tank by Planet Gold// Denim Buttondown by Beulah// Silver Pumps by Shoe Dazzle// Hat by Target// Gold Bodysuit by American Apparel// Red Leather Jacket by Cripple Creek// Red Print Dress by Angie// Black Booties by Lola Shoetique

Solvang has always held a special place in my heart.  Since I was a kid, I would spend time there each summer visiting the family ranch and riding horses.  I would long for the time of the year when I returned to my favorite breakfast spots and could run amuck with my cousins.

It wasn’t until my last birthday that Richie surprised me with a trip to a neighboring town called Los Olivos.  Surprised to have not heard much about this quaint little area, I was excited to explore it.  Despite it being January, the weather was beautiful and we spent much of the time moseying around and doing wine tastings, which they are most commonly known for.  I fell in love with the town, which I admittedly seem to do quite often when I travel.  My weekend getaway filled me with happiness but I felt the need to come back again when it was spring and the local farmers would have just picked their first crops of the season.  As if the universe had answered some unspoken prayer, I met two brothers (Poul & Tom) in a funky little artsy wine bar who just so happened to be the most popular farmers in town.  Each May they host a garlic festival in their own backyard, conveniently located across the street from said wine bar.  They bring in fresh produce straight from the farm, including about 20 different varieties of garlic and host a huge shindig with live music and tons of free food, heavily laced with garlic of course.  Mmm, mmm!  I had no idea there were so many kinds of garlic (approximately 600)!  Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing from them to return for the festival…okay, it took no convincing whatsoever.

Fast forward to May and there I was, back in Los Olivos as I had promised the brothers months before and boy, do they know how to throw a party!  I had decided to use this trip to capture the scenic landscapes and shoot my new threads.  How could I resist?  After filling up on way too much food, I set out to roam the town for the perfect backdrop.  It wasn’t hard.  Every corner garnered a unique and charming appeal.  If you ever get the chance, I recommend visiting for a few laid back days in this hidden gem.


IMG_0432 IMG_0431IMG_0430 IMG_0429IMG_0428 IMG_0426los olivosIMG_0413 IMG_0414 IMG_0415 IMG_0416 IMG_0418 IMG_0417 IMG_0419 IMG_0421IMG_0420 IMG_0425 IMG_0422 IMG_0424 IMG_0423IMG_0446IMG_0445 IMG_0447IMG_0450 IMG_0449

*To find out when the next festival is, send Poul a message here.  You can also purchase Tom’s famous ghost pepper salsa by visiting


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  • The Girl
    September 22, 2014 at 21:22

    I saw an American Apparel in the strangest location on PCH in Malibu and passed right by. But after seeing this gold body suit I wish I hadn’t!

    • DeziStyle
      September 25, 2014 at 01:31

      I know exactly the one you speak of! It sits right on coast with amazing views!

  • jazzcook
    September 8, 2014 at 11:21

    Very nice how you blend a personal story into this blog about style and fashion!

    • DeziStyle
      October 1, 2014 at 19:29

      Thank you! I try to incorporate my personality as well as my personal life with my fashion and lifestyle posts. Happy to hear that you enjoy it as much as I like to share it.


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