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Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Top 10 Inspiring Moments Recap


My baby’s growing up!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since the DeziStyle blog was born.  Long before DeziStyle was a twinkle in my eye, I had already been traveling the world, hosting, modeling, writing and doing my best to share all that I had learned and acquired with others through any medium.  I’ve been known to be somewhat of a travel guru amongst family and friends for quite some time so it feels wonderful to also have had the opportunity to welcome the questions, comments and discussions of this extended online family through DeziStyle over these last two years.  To be candid, the blog began purely as an altruistic passion project that sprouted into something much deeper and more meaningful as time went on.  It’s safe to say that this blog has come to play a significant role in my life and really pave the way for me to express myself, my lifestyle, the way I travel and most importantly, inspire others to be courageous and live life adventurously.

DeziStyle Anniversary

Admittedly I am still learning and evolving as I go, fully aware that I will always have more room for growth but I must say, I am proud of all that has been accomplished thus far.  Travel blogging (or any blogging for that matter) is a time consuming, multidimensional undertaking that requires much dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, and even business acumen, because let’s face it, if you weren’t trying to get readers to your blog, you might as well have just written in your diary.  At times it can be a thankless job, and until you reach a certain level, an unpaid one, too.  But that’s not why I do it.  Hearing stories of how you inspired someone’s trip, helped them travel more efficiently or changed their perspective is one of the sweetest rewards a blogger can a receive.  For the past two years, as DeziStyle has burgeoned from it’s humble beginnings, its the readers and the community of people who share in this addictive culture of wanderlust that have truly made this experience one worth working for.

There have been so many great trips and unforgettable moments in 24 months (and 115 posts) that it’s hard to choose which stand out over the others but lo and behold, I have narrowed it down to my top ten moments and posts, as any good blogger would do.  These destinations or experiences have lent a hand in shaping the person I am and have inspired some of my favorite blogs to date.  So here’s to yet another venturesome year of trips, tips and unprecedented fun.  Thank you so much for taking the time to come along on this journey.  Our goal is simply to help more people realize how incredible this planet is and encourage them to experience more of it.  You can help by sharing our posts with your friends and subscribing to the site so new articles are sent directly to your inbox (no spam mail, pinky swear).  I look forward to bringing you the best of what the world has to offer as we embark on our third year as your one-stop-shop for adventure, culture and unique experiences.  Cheers!




10.  How to go to Catalina Island Completely for Free

Catalina is undoubtedly a popular destination for West Coasters looking to get away for a weekend.  It just so happens that if you’re smart (like following DeziStyle) and do a little bit of planning in advance, you could actually take a trip virtually for free!  It’s ah-ha moments like these that make you wonder…what else have I been missing out on this whole time?!


9.   8 Un-Douchey Places You’ll Want to go on Your Next Girls Night Out in L.A. 

There may be thousands of restaurants and bars in Los Angeles, but for ambiance, location, menu and some good quality girl time, you’ve gotta know where to go.  Fortunately for you ladies, I did the dirty work and assembled a pretty solid list of some of the best spots in town to enjoy your evening out – minus the douchery.  For anyone who’s been to LA or lives in the beast, you know just how daunting a task that very well may be…and, you’re welcome.


8.  The Most Efficient 10 Minute Workout for Life on the Go!  

Travel and fitness.  They may not seem like they go hand in hand, but when travel is a regular part of your lifestyle, its absolutely necessary to have a plan.  No matter where you are, no matter how far from a gym you may be, there are some simple exercises that can be done anywhere to improve your mental and physical health in just a matter of moments.  These are my favorite go to calisthenics that are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your body fat down!

DeziStyle Workout

7.  Nine Reasons You Will Want to Spend the Day in Half Moon Bay

The Riviera Maya is a fabulous location, you don’t need me to tell you that.  However, you may appreciate some advice on just how to spend your afternoon in a little nook of the ‘Maya called Half Moon Bay.    I love discovering unsuspecting hidden gems along my travels.  It’s a good reminder to always consider taking the roads less traveled.  You never know what you’re going to find.


6.  15 Weekend Getaways from LA for the Roadtrip Junkie.

There are quite a few posts dedicated to Los Angeles.  You might say it’s because that’s my home, and you would be right.  But, L.A. is also the perfect jump off hub for travels near or far.  I’ve lived in this eccentric city for over a decade now and I’ve yet to discover all the adventures that lie just beyond.  With so much to see and so little time, I’ve compiled my favorite road trip destinations from LA into a comprehensive list.  Prepare to extend your bucket list.

5.  The Best Ways to Experience Belize in your Bikini

Belize is one of those semi-obscure places that does not get the attention it rightfully deserves.  For being such a small chunk of paradise, there’s much to do so long as you’ve got a bikini to throw on and a thirst for some excellent excursions (and perhaps a piña colada or two).



4.  22 Unique Activities You Don’t Want to Miss While You’re in Costa Rica

So nice, I went there twice.  I’ll be honest, the first time I went I dealt with a number or unfortunate experiences throughout that trip that left me feeling less than enthused when I was set to return for a girls trip.  I’m grateful to have had that opportunity to re-experience such a beautiful country and really gain a true appreciation for it.  Costa Rica is chock full of activities, nature and plenty of stunning sunsets; you need not look far.


3.  Dune Bashing in Dubai & The Miracle Gardens

I’m a bit stunned when people express their uneasiness or apathy for visiting Dubai.  It happens to be a remarkable place to experience world class accommodations, clubs, restaurants, and all around unique experiences.  During my last visit I tried dune bashing for my first time.  Imagine surfing on sand…in a car.  The Miracle Gardens stirred up a little less adrenaline but were impressive nonetheless.  Dubai is constantly outdoing itself and teeming with new happenings which is why this Emirate is #3 on my list.

DeziStyle Dune Bashing


2.  22 Things to do With Your BFF in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival!  One of the biggest parties in the world happens right in Rio de Janeiro and the city literally explodes with events, blocos and people from around the world.  No need to worry if you don’t plan on visiting during Carnival, the Rio bucket list is long, my friend.

DeziStyle Brazil

1.  Travel Diary: Backpacking the Eastern Sierra Nevada Wilderness

The #1 most inspiring moment for me personally, was this 5 day thru-hike I did with my brother and my husband in Inyo National Forest this July.  If you read the story already, you know what an uphill battle it was (literally).  Trekking through backcountry was such a raw, visceral side of travel and how we experience nature in its truest form.  Within the mountains, I felt transported to a place that seemed much further than the mere 300 or so miles away from home.  Perhaps that’s what fueled my motivation to climb higher and push further, both mentally and physically.  This was the kind of trip that changes you in ways you weren’t expecting and isn’t that what we tend to seek most in our travels? …to be effected?

DeziStyle Mammoth Lakes

DeziStyle Mammoth Lakes

This blog is dedicated to my husband Richie for pushing me to take that initial leap and share my voice and passion for travel with others –and for helping me create a beautiful illustration of it with his artistic eye and photography skills.  Thank you for being the bestest travel buddy ever!


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