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Zurich may be my birthplace but I am far from familiar with much more than the shops and cafes surrounding the lake. The last time I had visited was quite an unforgettable experience with my brother.  We were only there for a couple nights en route to Interlaken but we definitely made the most of it.  Before I get into too much trouble for giving away our youthful shenanigans, let me say that Zurich is one of the more pristinely beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.

On my recent travels, I was only in Zurich for about 18 hours this time.  Luckily I knew just where to go to pick up a hostel for the night and grab a beer (or two).  I was excited to see that the fondue restaurant just around the bend from my hostel carried Erdinger.  It’s the little things…

I spent the afternoon moseying around the lake as the sun methodically set beyond the mountains and the castle-like rooftops.  There’s just something about the way the sun soothingly penetrates me here, it feels therapeutic.  My fiancé, Richie, and I sat by the water’s edge and watched the swans gracefully swim back and fourth, seemingly enjoying the day as much as we were.  If there was such thing as perfection, it would be this day.  It was made up of all the things that make me most happy in life: good food, good vibes, great people and an amazing backdrop.

Perhaps next time I’ll stop in for a bit longer, but Zurich will always be my original home.  <3







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