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Wake up Happy: 5 Ways to Start Your Day off Right!

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The way in which you begin your day, determines the rest of it.  You don’t need science to prove that.  We’ve all had those mornings where the alarm didn’t go off, you spilled coffee on your shirt or stubbed your big toe rushing out the door, and there’s nothing fun about it.  I am firm believer in the power of thought and the energy we send and receive from it, but sometimes I need a little reminder to realign myself in order to improve the imminent and inevitable future that lies ahead.  Once I realized the impact my feelings had on the outcome of any given situation, I made a conscious decision to focus on interpreting everything around me in a more positive, empathetic manner.  This shift in attitude will greatly enhance the quality of your life and depth of your relationships with others.  So, what are some ways we can jumpstart each day in a positive direction you may ask!

As someone who is constantly in some kind of spotlight, it can be difficult to be “on” at all times, especially when you’re just not feeling it, but the show must go on.  These 5 tips will help put your mind on the right path and empower your inner spirit to take on the day ahead!  If you have any methods that work well for you, I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comment box below.

1.  Greet the day with love.  If you’re like most of us and wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, try using it as a trigger to smile really big and acknowledge your gratitude for another day.  I know how cliché and “self-helpy” it sounds but you’ll just have to trust me.  Smiling releases endorphins (the feel good stuff in our brain) as well as boosts our immune systems.  Plus, I’m sure your significant other wouldn’t mind the delightful greeting either.  Chances are, the happier you are when you wake up, the better your day will be.

Also, if you have the ability to change your alarm tone, chose a soothing one that gradually increases in volume.  Being disrupted from your REM cycle can cause groggy and even grumpy mornings but using gradual tones or even light to wake your body is healthier and more beneficial to your mental state of being.

2.  Begin each day with forgiveness.  I do my best to approach life (and others) from a place of love and understanding.  Carrying resentment, jealousy, fear or insecurities into a brand new day won’t do anything but create a breeding ground for problems to compound.  By allowing the past to remain there, you are free to begin your day with a fresh slate and a pure heart.

“You can visit your past, but the price you pay is your future.”

3.  Be silly.  Life gets so serious when we have to start paying bills and making responsible adult decisions, but don’t loose your silliness.  It’s important to be able to let go of inhibitions and release ourselves from the confines that society does so well to keep in place.  Play music while you prepare for your day and don’t be afraid to sing and dance along while doing so.  The ability to poke fun, make light of situations and enjoy the true child-like giddiness that burns deep within ourselves is what keeps people young, in love and I do believe, sane.

4.  Stretch it out.  We tend to carry most of our stress throughout the muscles in our body.  Tension is the most common side effect to stress and negative emotions so, quite obviously, stretching helps to work out the kinks.  Inhale deeply and exhale any negative thoughts with each breath.  Think of it as a mini yoga session for your body.  Not only does it feel amazing, but the simple act of it improves your circulation, helps to prevent injuries in the future and relives stress and anxiety.  You will feel leaner and walk taller, making you appear more confident and successful altogether.  The benefits are truly endless.

5.  Be Adventurous!  Take risks!  Try something new!  Whatever you do, don’t become monotonous.  Routines are wonderful but be wary of the side effects a mundane schedule can create.  We can all use a little excitement in our day to day so why not try that new recipe, hike that mountain, sing the ever loving crap out of that bad 80’s song at karaoke night, or find a different route home (what if you discover something new in doing so)!  The more experiences you create, the more fulfilling your life will be.  Don’t hold back.  As my mom always says, “You can sleep when you’re dead!”

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