My name is Desiree

and I'm a lifeaholic

My name is Desirée Chance, but my closest friends have always called me Dezi. I was born in Zürich, Switzerland but have since lived in 5 countries and 17 cities around the world.   Fashion, food, travel and photography have all been a huge part of my life’s passions.  To me, travel and fashion go hand in hand.  I continue to be inspired everywhere I go by my surroundings and the people I meet around the world.  Originally my blog was created as an outlet for me to share my style, stories, tips, trips and pictures with my friends and family but has quickly become a go-to source for adventurous travelers.

It’s true, nothing excites me more than going somewhere new and experiencing something authentic, unusual, and (indubitably) adventurous. Over the last 20 years I’ve split my time living between Miami and Los Angeles as a model, actress and red carpet host but one of my proudest moments came just last year when I married my best friend and travel buddy of the past decade, Richie.  Together, we are embarking on this exciting chapter in our lives called ‘Location Independence’.

 It excites me to be able to share my experiences and unique finds along the way and I hope it inspires you to travel more, live well and dress with finesse.